Introducing the new and improved Guardian knee! This lightweight, mechanical knee features a friction brake for stance control, stance flexion, and extension assist. It’s best suited as a rehabilitation tool for new patients or permanent solution for low-impact users. With a newly designed internal locking mechanism and adjustable toe load sensitivity, patients may find it much easier to lock and unlock. To enhance the sleek look and efficient function, our engineers removed the levers from either side of the knee. All adjustments are now streamlined and internalized! The Guardian still provides the full 145° of anatomical motion.

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  • New Lock Design and Function

    To improve the user experience, College Park implemented a new, internal locking mechanism that features toe load adjustment for fine tuning.



Impact Level Material Aluminum
Foot Weight* Weight 533 g
Weight Limit (lbs) Weight Limit (lbs) 275 lbs
Size Range Flexion Range 145°
Waranty Waranty 2 years