Guardian Knee

The Guardian® knee is a lightweight mechanical knee joint featuring a friction brake for stance control, stance flexion, and extension assist. The knee is best suited as a rehabilitation tool for new patients to learn standing and walking during the rehabilitation process, and as a permanent knee for low-impact patients. It provides the prosthetist easy adjustability for patient gait-matching without the need to remove the prosthesis. The Guardian also has a remote lock feature that can be disengaged as the patient progresses to provide the full 145 degrees of anatomical motion.

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  • Updated Remote Lock


    Based on valued feedback from users, College Park relocated the remote lock release to the center of the knee to make it more accessible for all patients. This remote lock kit allows the Guardian to operate as a single-axis knee joint. It can be easily disengaged for sitting. A standing motion locks the knee again without the need to re-pull the lever. The prosthetist can deactivate the remote lock on the knee at any time as the patient's level of ability grows.



Impact Level Material Aluminum
Foot Weight* Weight 537g
Weight Limit (lbs) Weight Limit (lbs) 275 lbs
Size Range Flexion Range 145°
Waranty Waranty 2 years