The world does revolve around you. The new Orbit foot was designed to provide smooth rotation and rollover. College Park’s unique, built-in torsion feature has integrated energy return, which may improve comfort for golf, baseball, tennis, and more! The durable Orbit offers an incredibly low profile and total rotation range of 40°. This foot also incorporates College Park’s composite expertise in a carbon fiber design, helping to provide a dynamic response during low to high impact activities.

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  • Adjustable Torsion

    With 20° of internal and external rotation, the Orbit may restore natural motion that was lost to amputation. It could also help reduce forces to a user’s socket and residual limb. Prosthetists are able to quickly adjust torsion resistance with a 4mm hex wrench.



*26cm, with Removable shell and CPI sock.

Impact Level Impact Level Low/Moderate-High
Mounting Mounting Endo
Weight Limit (lbs) Weight Limit (lbs) 330 lbs (150 kg)
Size Range Size Range 21-30 cm
Build Height Build Height 21-25 cm | 3.7″ (9.3cm)
Foot Weight* Foot Weight* 895 g
Foot Base Foot Base Carbon Fiber
Waranty Waranty 3 years

Cosmetic Options

Color Options
Jet Black
Shell Type:  Sandal Toe
Shell Width:  Standard
Includes:  Foot, sandal toe foot shell, CPI sock, and Cosmetic Attachment Plate (CAP).

Foot Base