Victor Back

Step victoriously. The Victor® knee is a single axis, pneumatic knee joint featuring a friction brake to control stance phase. This knee is the ideal solution for low to moderate activity users, as it can adjust to accommodate both slow and fast paced walking. It also works well for patients looking to increase their activity level after rehabilitation. The Victor is an economical option that instills confidence and freedom in patients.

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  • Victor Adjustable


    Every patient is different. The Victor accommodates differences through a simple fine-tuning process. Using a 4mm hex key provided by College Park, prosthetists can adjust the friction brake, stance flexion, and pneumatic swing phase flexion and extension.



Impact Level Material Aluminum
Foot Weight* Weight 710 g
Weight Limit (lbs) Weight Limit 125 kg
Size Range Flexion Range 145°
Waranty Waranty 2 years