Titan Finger

M-Fingers and Titan Fingers

With thumb, partial, and full options available, M-Fingers are simple to operate and controlled by the user’s own motion. These fingers allow the patient to perform tasks more effectively, more responsively, and with optimized precision. They conform around objects to provide a secure and confident grip for the user. M-Fingers were designed with high strength, injected molded composite materials to deliver the durability and longevity needed for daily use. For more information, visit www.partialhandsolutions.com.

From Partial Hand Solutions, the titanium Titan series fingers are designed for the heaviest-duty user, ideal for those with occupational requirements. They are suitable for someone missing a portion of their finger or complete absence of the finger and available in a variety of sizes. The ratchet design allows the patient to manually position the joints in the most functional position, while providing a secure grasp. Various bases allow for the device to be fit as a thumb with full rotation and adjustable friction.

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