Introducing the Sidekicks®, the first adjustable stubbie feet for foreshortened prostheses. College Park engineers applied 15 years of knowledge gained from the Venture® ankle technology to develop the Sidekicks. With natural anatomical ankle motion and a flexible platform, they are a vast improvement over current options for bilateral, transfemoral amputees. Gait-matched and approved for water use, Sidekicks flex and plant in real-world environments for the ultimate balance and stability.

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  • Sidekicks Water Friendly


    Sidekicks were tested for water use and are safe to use in the shower or at the beach.



Impact Level Impact Level Low
Mounting Mounting Endo (IP)
Weight Limit (lbs) Weight Limit (lbs) 275 (125 kg)
Size Range Size Range One Size
Clearance Clearance 5.84 cm
Foot Weight* Foot Weight* 422
Waranty Waranty 2 years